Dream Dinners: Central Park Garlic Chicken

The  weather has been extra wacky lately in Austin, which continued today with a high of 63 leading to an ice storm tomorrow.  It’s nice to have meals that work no matter the weather.  Last night’s meal was a perfect example of that.  I made the Central Park Garlic Chicken with a side of pasta and salad.  It was a very simple meal and the thing that took the longest was boiling the water for the pasta.  Once the pasta was cooking, I got to work on the chicken.  I toasted the parmesan mixture in a skillet for about 2-3 minutes and then set it aside.  Next, I cooked the chicken breasts over medium heat for 6 minutes on each side.  I plated the chicken with pasta and sprinkled it with the parmesan mix.  I liked that it was such a simple meal.  However, it may have been a little too simple.  The chicken was tender and cooked to perfection, but wasn’t as flavorful as many of the other Dream Dinners meals.  I think that I will probably cut up the leftover chicken for a salad.  This meal was good, but definitely not my favorite Dream Dinners meal.