Dream Dinners: Asian Pork Satay with Jasmine Rice

Mike and I seem to have some sort of nasty upper respiratory infection that we’ve been fighting a bit.  Normally, this would leave me very uninspired when it comes to cooking.  Fortunately, with Dream Dinners, I don’t really have to think about it.  I just defrost my meal and cook it.  The biggest thing I need to remember is to defrost the meals!  Last night, I made the Asian Pork Satay with Jasmine Rice and added a side of broccoli from the freezer.  First, I added water to my bag of skewers and let them soak for 10 minutes.  Meanwhile, I added rice and water to a pot, brining it to a boil, and cooking the rice for 20 minutes.  Next, I removed the pork from the marinade and cut each pork chop into 3 strips.  I thread each strip on a skewer, placing them on a prepared pan.  I cooked the pork under the broiler for 4 minutes on each side.  While the pork was cooking, I put the marinade in a sauce pan, bringing it to boil and allowing it to simmer.  After the pork and rice finished cooking, we were ready to go.  I plated the rice, topped with the pork skewers, drizzled sauce over the top, added a side of broccoli, and dinner was served.  I really liked this meal, especially the sauce, which had delicious flavor.  Mike was not as impressed, but still liked it okay.  I thought that the skewers might be a pain to make, but they turned out just fine.  Once again, Dream Dinners came to my rescue and I’m glad I have a freezer full of meals to make my life easier.