Dream Dinners: Sherry Cream Chicken

Mike is coming down with a bit of a cold, so I needed a warm meal for him that screamed “fall.”  The Sherry Cream Chicken from Dream Dinners was a perfect meal.  I started by making a side of rice and green beans to accompany the chicken.  While the rice and beans were cooking, I got started on the chicken.  First, I browned the chicken for 4 minutes on each side.  I removed it from the pan and set it aside.  I poured the sherry mix in the skillet and brought it to a boil, letting it simmer about 4 minutes.  Next, I added in the onions and Alfredo sauce mixture, stirred, and added the chicken back in.  I cooked it covered for about 12 minutes until the chicken was fully cooked.  Finally, I stirred in the cheese mixture and we were ready to serve.  There was plenty of sauce for the chicken and to use to top the rice.  The green beans paired nicely with the flavors of the chicken and sauce.   The chicken was tender and the sauce was tasty.  It was the perfect beginning of fall meal.