A Little Piece of Home

While we were at Whitestone on Saturday, we were talking with our friend, Ben, about pizza, specifically different places here and how it took us a long time to find pizza that we liked in Austin.  He was telling us about a few places we hadn't tried yet and we brought up St. Louis style pizza.  He told us about a place in Georgetown that had provel on its pizzas and we knew immediately where we'd be heading for dinner.  Despite being pretty full from lunch, we headed out to George's on the Town.  After browsing, the menu, we determined that everything sounded fabulous, but we haven't been home since Christmas, so we had to get some St. Louis staples. 


For an appetizer, we ordered beef toasted ravioli.  This is the first time we've found it in Austin.  Sometimes a rare place will have a cheese "fried" ravioli, but its just not the same.  These were among some of the best t-ravs I've ever had.  They were obviously handmade versus frozen and the sauce had a little Texas kick to it.  I probably could have ordered this for my meal and been a happy camper.  We noticed that serveral items on the menu had provel cheese listed as an ingredient and inquired to our waiter about how provel cheese came to be at a place in Georgetown, TX.  He was pretty sure that the chef was from St. Louis, so we were in good hands.  Next, we ordered our meals with Mike selecting a pizza and I went with the BLT with provel and a pesto mayo.  My sandwich was delicious, but huge, so I saved half for leftovers.


Mike's pizza was good, but not quite what he was looking for.  The provel cheese was obviously a home blend and was a little heavy on the mozzarella, so it didn't melt quite right.  The crust was also not quite as crispy as a St. Louis thin crust pizza.  It was good, but not perfect.  We were quite full after eating, so we should have stopped there, but dessert sounded pretty amazing. 


We ordered the ice cream sandwich sliders.  They were homemade chocolate chocolate chip cookies with homemade peanut butter ice cream.  They were set in homemade whipped cream with a salted caramel dipping sauce.  So indulgent, so fabulous.  Thank goodness we were drinking water because this meal was a lot of food!  Everything was delicious and very reasonably priced.  George's also had a cute atmosphere, so we will definitely be back to get our t-rav fix and try more amazing items off the menu.