Food Truck Rally

On Saturday, Whitestone was having a Food Truck Rally with 3 different food trucks, a snow cone truck, and in the evening, a band.  We decided to head there for lunch and we were glad we did.  We skipped trivia this week because I was hot and crabby and apparently, we were missed.  Some of our favorite staff and a friend of ours commented on how many of the regulars were gone this week.  We are hoping it cools off soon.  Of the three food trucks, two were new to us, so we had to give them a try.  Mike preread the menus and decided to order from Cafe Ybor.  There were many sandwiches that sounded like his style.  The sandwiches were Southern inspired and Mike had a hard time choosing one.   Eventually, he picked the Ybor with pork, ham, salami, Swiss, mustard and pickle chips with a side of fruit salad.  It was toasted to perfection and Mike was happy with his choice.  We definitely hope to see this truck back at Whitestone in the future.

Mike's sandwich from Cafe Ybor  

Mike's sandwich from Cafe Ybor  

We wanted to try both new food trucks, so I got to try Missi J's, the grilled cheese food truck.  I love a good sandwich and grilled cheese is always a great choice.  I looked at their menu and everything sounded yummy.  I asked them for a recommendation and they told me to try the grilled cheese with a scoop of mac and cheese on it.  I got to pick my bread (sourdough) and 3 cheeses (provolone, pepper jack, and American).  It came with a bag of chips and they brought it to me at the bar when it was finished.  This ooey gooey grilled cheese was pretty amazing and definitely filling!  Our friend, Ben, had a grilled cheese with chicken sandwich that sounded yummy, too.  Hopefully, this is another truck that becomes a regular at Whitestone.  We spent the afternoon enjoying a few brews and hanging out inside the bar.  After several weekends of laziness or work, it was nice to get out of the house for a little bit and enjoy great food, beer, and company at one of our favorite places. 


My grilled cheese from Missi J's