And The Wiener Is...

This weekend the weather was all over the place in Austin.  Friday was warm, Saturday was cool and Sunday was perfect.  We didn't let the weather get in the way of having a great time together.  On Friday, we decided to head over to Whitestone Brewery to try out a food truck we kept missing, Evil Wiener.  The Evil Wiener was a hotdog and french fry food truck with several clever named hotdog options.  Mike and I were on the same page on Friday and we each tried the Alamo.  The Alamo was a beef hotdog covered in queso and crispy tortilla straws.  We paired the hotdogs with our favorite Whitestone beers and a side of seasoned fries. 


I am glad we tried the food truck!  The girl running the truck was funny and the food was done super quick.  The hotdogs were of good quality and the toppings were perfect.  The queso had good flavor, but was not too spicy, nor was there too much queso on the dogs.  The tortilla straws were a great addition, too.  I only like tasty fries and these passed my test.  They were well seasoned and well cooked.  I didn't even feel the need for ketchup.  We will definitely try this truck again and were happy that they helped to start off a fabulous weekend for us.