Our Ice Cream is Graeter Than Yours

Technically, this was not our first visit to Scoop and Score located in Cedar Park.  However, the last time we visited, we ate our ice cream so fast that we forgot to get pictures!  Scoop and Score serves delicious Graeter's ice cream and Cuvée coffee.  For a real treat, try an affogato which combines both!  We visited on a Saturday evening after eating pizza at Local Slice in the same shopping center.  There were a few girls working there who we all very excited about the wonders of Graeter's ice cream.  We each tried a few new flavors before making our selections.  I opted for the kid's double of salted caramel and coffee ice creams.  The kid's double is perfect for someone who wants a small size, but multiple flavors.  I was very happy with this choice and it tasted like an affogato without the caffeine.


Mike ordered his favorite, mint chip, in a waffle bowl.  Graeter's mint chip is amazing and doesn't have any artificial colors or flavors.  The waffle bowl was baked to perfection.  We also splurged and took home a pint of mint chip, because as our server said, "Nothing compares to Graeter's!"  Next time you find yourself in Cedar Park, make sure you check this place out.  If you come visit us, I can guarantee we will take you!