Caesar Pork and Pasta

I tried another new recipe last week and I must admit, it was not a huge success.  Pork is super hard to cook apparently and I'm wondering if my meat thermometer might not be working well.  This recipe sounded pretty simple and I liked that it was a meal for two because sometimes you don't need leftovers.  It was also a Kraft recipe, which usually means its pretty simple, but it was not my best cooking experience yet.  The recipe I tried was Caesar Pork and Pasta.   I started by cooking the pasta, which turned out just fine.  My first mistake might have been using my cast iron skillet.  I may have had better luck with my nonstick pan.  I heated up my pan, while I prepared my pork chops by putting Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese on two bone in pork chops.  Once my pan was heated, I added the pork chops, cheese side down.  I cooked the pork chops for 5 minutes on each side, but according to my thermometer, they weren't done.  I continued flipping the pork chops for several minutes trying to achieve the desired temperature without much luck.  Meanwhile, I was making a huge mess of my pan.  I could tell that the pork chops were done, even though the thermometer didn't agree, so I moved on to the next step.  I added my spinach and garlic to the pot with the pasta and cooked until the spinach was wilted.  Then, I added in some Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, and cherry tomato halves, cooking until everything was heated.  I served up the pork chops and pasta and dinner was served.  The flavors of the pasta were delightful and I could see how the pork chops would have been tasty, had they not been so over cooked.  Clearly, I need more practice working with pork, or I should stick to the crock pot or sous vide with a trusty pork tenderloin in the future.  All attempts can't be perfect or things would get boring, so we will chalk this one up to keeping things interesting.  Not a bad idea, just a bad execution of said idea.