Red, Red Wine

Saturday was a cool day in central Texas and we enjoyed it!  We did a late lunch/brews/coffee at Redhorn Brewery, shopping at the Parke near our home, and finally a late dinner at the Rotten Bunch.  The Rotten Bunch is a wine bar that serves appetizers, small plates, and desserts.  It was perfect for us as we ate a late lunch.  I also liked that they served 3 and 6 oz pours, so I had the opportunity to try multiple wines and still be able to drive home safely.  I tried two different red wines and was happy with my choices.  The atmosphere was cozy and romantic, great for a date night, but would also make a fun spot to visit with friends. 


We started with a shared appetizer of the smoked Gouda.  The Gouda was served with crispy pretzel bread and an apple slaw.  The cheese was thinly sliced and tasty.  The apple slaw was sweet and tangy and served with candied nuts.  It was the perfect start to our meal. 


For the main course, I picked the hanger steak with a chimichurri sauce.  It was served with ricotta and sliced bread.  The steak was cooked to perfection and the chimichurri has inspired me to make similar meals.  The creamy ricotta and bread rounded out the meal nicely.  I was very happy and the portion was just right.  I definitely plan on making a copycat meal of this selection. 


Mike enjoys gnocchi and guessed that this would be a great play to get it.  His dish consisted of gnocchi, chicken, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, and roasted red peppers.  The gnocchi was delicate and almost creamy.  The chicken was tender and well seasoned.  It was another excellent choice.  While it was a little on the pricey side, we definitely enjoyed this meal and look forward to trying more options of their ever changing menu.