Dream Dinners: Ancho Chili Steaks

On Tuesday, I made my final October Dream Dinners meal, just in time to make room in the freezer for November’s meals.  I made the Ancho Chili Steaks along with the Bacon Green Beans and a baked potato.  I started by heating up the grill pan.   I cooked the steaks on medium high for about 6 minutes on each side.  While the steaks were cooking, I made the green beans in a skillet and popped my potato in the microwave on potato setting.  Everything finished up at about the same time and we were ready to eat.  Each steak was topped with chili butter and french fried onions.  This was a quick, simple, and tasty meal.  I think it took about 15 minutes to make and plate.  The steaks were delicious.  They were cooked to a nice medium/medium well and had excellent flavor.  The chili butter was spicy and creamy and paired nicely with the crispy onions.  Overall, this meal was a hit in our house and there may be a fight tonight to see who gets the leftovers!