Dream Dinners: Chicken Bacon Ranch Stuffed French Bread

Sometimes a meal is so delicious, you need to make it twice.  I had the opportunity to order seconds of some meals this month and it worked out great for us, especially because I forgot to blog about it the first time we tried it.  On Friday, we made the Chicken Bacon Ranch Stuffed French Bread.  I also liked that we could cook this meal from frozen, which is perfect when you are having a busy week.  This is also a very simple meal to make-you just have to put on your patience pants because it does take a long time to cook, especially from frozen.  I preheated the oven and cooked it for 50 minutes.  I unwrapped it and cooked it another 10 minutes.  We let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and cut it into 3 portions.  Dinner was finally ready!  I love the flavors of chicken, bacon, ranch, and cheese on crusty French bread.  We definitely learned in making two different sandwiches from frozen that it is important to cook it for the full time, as the frozen chicken does take a while to cook.  We’ve discovered that we really like any of the sandwiches made on french bread.    Now, we are finally truly finished with October meals and ready to start trying the November meals I just made.