Dream Dinners: Pesto Cheese Ravioli with Chicken and Walnuts

After a nasty cold and an exciting Monday, I am trying to catch up on blogging before we hit the beginning of the holiday crazies.  We are not traveling home this year, but we are headed to New Orleans and my parents are coming to visit, so December is shaping up to be quite busy.  At the rate we are going, I’ll be lucky to find time to cook, let alone blog.  Last week, one of our meals was Pesto Cheese Ravioli with Chicken and Walnuts.  This is a meal that is called a Fastlane at Dream Dinners, which means I didn’t make it-it was premade by staff ahead of time.  This was a fairly simple meal to make and we had high hopes for it.  I started by bringing water to boil in a large pot over high heat.  I added the ravioli and cooked them about 9-10 minutes.  I put the chicken and sauce ingredients in a pan and made sure that it was completely thawed.  I brought it to a boil and let it simmer until the sauce thickened.  Once the sauce and chicken were done, I added in the ravioli and we were ready to eat.  I skipped walnuts on mine, which gave Mike more for his portion.  We really wanted to like this meal, but we felt like it was just okay.  It seemed like it was missing something.  Had I made it myself, I may have added a touch of red pepper to give it a bit of spice.  It was fine and probably well loved by some, but it fell a little flat for us.