Pin a Day: One Pot Chicken Risotto

Risotto is a great side and even a wonderful meal option.  However, I forgot that the worst thing about risotto is cooking it and stirring it.  On Monday, I made this One Pot Chicken Risotto.   It was a tasty meal that provided us with plenty of leftovers, but it may be a bit before I make it again.  I did like that it was all in one pot, which minimized the amount of dishes we had to clean later.  I started by heating up the oil and cooking the chicken until it was browned on each side.  Next, I added the vegetables.  We used onions, carrots, and a red pepper.  I cooked this until the veggies were browned and added the butter.  I lowered the heat and added the rice, cooking it until it was toasted.   Next, I added my dry white wine and stock to prevent it from sticking.  I stirred until it was incorporated and then began the process of adding stock and stirring it in until the risotto was thick and creamy enough.  It took a long time and several bouts of stirring.  Once it was almost cooked, I added in some frozen peas.  Once it was finally done, I added it salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese.  This was delicious, but rather a pain to make.  My advice on this one is to put on your patient pants before cooking.