Pin a Day: Thai Chicken Pasta

Last Friday, I was super tired, but I still made time to try out a new recipe.  We decided to have Thai Chicken Pasta.   Mike helped me out by chopping up our various vegetables.  I first cooked my chicken in my braised with a bit of chicken broth.  Next, I boiled my water and cooked the pasta.  Next, I heated up some oil (I used vegetable because I was out of sesame.) and added green onions, carrots, chicken, cabbage, garlic and ginger.  I sautéed those for about 2 minutes.  Next, I added in honey, peanut butter. sriracha, vinegar, and soy sauce.  I stirred all that and then added the noodles and chili paste.  I mixed it well and we were ready to eat.  The pasta had great flavor and was full of veggies, too!  I also loved that it made plenty of leftovers, which is perfect when heading into a busy weekend.  We also loved that the pasta seemed to get spicier as leftovers. This was a great copycat recipe that we will definitely repeat again I the future,