Pin a Day: Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

Now that I'm finally caught up on vacation blogging, it's time to talk about a few new recipes we've done tried over the last couple of weeks.  One of the first new recipes I tried was these Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas.   We always like buffalo and were eager to try a new type of buffalo.  I started by cooking my chicken, but you could use precooked chicken as well.  Next, I heated up a skillet.  I mixed together my chicken and buffalo sauce.  I buttered one side of a tortilla and spread cream cheese on the other side.    Then, I put the buttered side down in the skillet.  Next, I sprinkled on blue cheese, chicken mix, and jack cheese.  I folded the tortilla in half and cooked until it was done.  Then, I flipped it and cooked the opposite side.  It took a few minutes on each side.  When I was done, I sliced it and drizzled it with ranch dressing.  Mike wanted a larger size so I used two tortillas.  We even had a little bit of extra buffalo chicken leftover, which made great nachos.  The buffalo chicken quesadillas were good and a new change of pace from the buffalo chicken wraps. However,   I think I prefer the wraps and I don't always love the blue cheese flavor.  This may be a recipe I try on occasion, but I still think there are better options.