One Stop Cookie Shop

Sometimes you just want one cookie-it's rare, but it happens.  When you just want one and you don't want the hassle of making a whole batch of cookies, you need a decent local bakery.  We are in luck in my neighborhood, as they just opened a Tiff's Treats.  Not only is Tiff's Treats open until 9 pm, but they also deliver.  We've actually been in twice since they've opened, but forgot to take pictures the first time we went in.  It's a pretty basic idea with several different cookie options.  They offer milk and coffee drinks or you can get a scoop of ice cream in between two cookies.  If you are patient, they will even warm your cookies up for you.  You can also call in orders to pick up or to have them delivered to yourself or friends.  In our two trips, we have tried 4 different flavored cookies.  On our first trip, Mike got peanut butter chocolate chip and I got oatmeal chocolate chip.  After this visit, I thought the cookies were just okay.  It's really easy to dry out oatmeal cookies and I felt these were a little on the dry side.  Mike did like his peanut butter chocolate chip, so I knew we'd give them another shot.  Last night we went again after a trip to Costco.  This time I got an M&M cookie and Mike went for chocolate chip.  I must say that these cookies were much tastier.  They were tender, flavorful, and not dry.  Others obviously agree with my second take on the cookies, as there as been a line each time we've visited.  I do still love to bake, but this is a great option for when you just need to quench a quick cookie craving.  Tiff's Treats is also a local based business that is expanding throughout Texas and moving soon to other states, so it's nice to support a growing business.  After last night's visit, I can confidently say, we will be back again.