Rockin the Rose and a Blast from the Past

This weekend we headed to the Domain for movies, shopping and good eats.  I was successful in finding a new pair of pants at a decent price and we were happy with our choice to see Dr. Strange at iPic.  We had the chance to visit our favorite stores and see all the new stores at the Northside of the Domain.  I was really excited to see the new Nordstrom's and Warby Parker.  There were also several new stores opening soon and more new restaurants.  We headed over to Rock Rose for dinner and had some decisions to make.  It was hard to decide if we wanted to go to a new place or something tried and true.  Eventually, we opted to head to Thai Kun.  Upon arriving, we were told the food was inspired by Northern Thai food, amongst the spiciest in the region.  It took us a long time to make our selections, as we were warned of the spice and told that some of the dishes were meant to split.   


Eventually, we selected the Thai Chicken Nuggets with a sweet and spicy sauce as an appetizer and the Ribeye to split for our meal.  The chicken nuggets were good, but there was a lot of skin and crispness and not much meat.  The sauce was delicious and I kept it to try with our meal.  We ordered the ribeye medium, instead of the medium rare they typically served it as.  We were happy with our decision.  The meat was juicy and delicious.  It was served with sticky rice, cabbage, cucumber, and a spicy sauce.  The rice and cabbage complimented the steak and went well with the sauce from the appetizer.  The spicy sauce was too much for me and it was a spice that built on itself.  Fortunately, we were able to wash it all down with a Pearl Snap.  Thai Kun was definitely an adventure for our taste buds and I am glad we stepped outside our comfort zones. 


On the way home, we decided to hit a new spot to Cedar Park, but an old favorite of mine from my college days.  Mike had never experienced the wonders of Andy's Frozen Custard, so it seemed liked a great night to try it.  Mike always goes for a chocolate malt, but I had a harder time making a selection.  While I typically love all things pumpkin, I do not love pumpkin pie, so I skipped out on the pumpkin pie concrete.  Instead, I had them create an old Fritz's favorite of mine-the Toffee Crunch.  You can't go wrong with caramel and heath mixed in a concrete.  We were both pleased with our choices and we will be returning.