Pin a Day: Lemon Garlic Pasta

I've been trying to use up various extra ingredients that I have in my pantry and freezer.  A perk to this is cheaper grocery bills and getting to use some of my favorite ingredients in new ways.  This recipe for Lemon Garlic Pasta was pretty easy and it was all things I have around the house.  I started by boiling the water and making my pasta.  I used spaghetti noodles because I had an abundance, but you could use any type of pasta.  I also did a half recipe, as Mike and I didn't need a whole pound of pasta.  Once the pasta had cooked, I started on the lemon garlic sauce.  I cooked the garlic in olive oil until it was golden in color.  Next, I added in lemon juice, bouillon, and pepper.  I cooked that until it dissolved.  After it was ready, I added the sauce and parmesan cheese to the pasta.  I served it with salad and topped my pasta with a little pasta sprinkle from Savory Spice shop.  This would be a great meal for Lent or a meatless Monday.  It would also taste great with grilled chicken or roasted tomatoes added to it.  Its nice to know a new recipe that I can make easily with items on hand.  I am sure I will make this again at some point.