Pin a Day: Garlic Bread Steak Sandwich

Yesterday we went on a long walk to work up an appetite for dinner.  The weather has been gorgeous this week and we have just enough time between the end of Mike's work day and the sun fully setting to get a good walk in.  Last night, I decided to try these Garlic Bread Steak Sandwiches.   I had Mike cut the peppers and steak while I started carmelizing the onions.    I also threw some tots in the oven.  Once my onions had cooked, I added in the sliced steak and cooked it until it was almost done.  Then I added in the chopped peppers and cooked until it was fully done.  Meanwhile, I spread some mayonnaise on my cut French bread and sprinkled it with garlic powder.  I put the bread in the oven to toast for a few minutes.  I immediately put steak on the toasted bread and added a slice of white American cheese to each sandwich.  They were delightful!  The peppers added a nice kick to the steak and the garlic bread was exceptionally well seasoned.  In addition, the white American cheese melted nicely and added the perfect creaminess.  For those who don't like spice,  you could try a milder pepper or skip them all together.  This also made great leftovers for lunch today and would probably make great nachos too.  It was quite similar to something Mike makes, so this recipe was a winner in our book.