Wacky Waco Weekend: Part 2

On Saturday morning, we all got up a reasonable hour with hopes of leaving for Magnolia around 9:00 am.  We were eventually able to find parking in a church lot near the silos.  Ashley and I immediately got in line at the Silos Baking Co, so we could get some yummies for breakfast. The line was really well organized and we were given cards to make our selections to make ordering run smoothly.  


Inside the bakery, you could see the attention to detail was very present.  The interior was beautiful and everything was labeled in a gorgeous script.  Once inside, things went really quick.  We paid, got our items and headed outside to find the boys. 


I am a cupcake snob, but these did not disappoint.  The cupcakes were tastefully decorated, appropriately frosted, moist and flavorful.  There is nothing I hate more than a dry cupcake with too much frosting to compensate and these were perfect.  They were also more of a standard baking size than the oversized monstrosities that many bakeries create.  I had a pumpkin spice cupcake that was delightful and Mike's peanut butter cup was pretty tasty, too.  They paired nicely with our Common Grounds coffee. 


After breakfast, Ashley and I headed to the store to pick up some goods for ourselves and our homes.  It was really crowded inside and there was no way we could fit the stroller and it may have tested the guys' patience so they enjoyed the beautiful weather.  The store was two levels full of decor, trinkets, and souvenirs.  There were also two long lines weaving through to get to the registers.   


After completing our shopping, we headed to the garden.  We also checked out the food trucks on site and stopped for a few pictures.   


All of our trips involve great food, so we headed to Vitek's for some delicious BBQ.  It was 101 years old and they had their BBQ down to a science.  I really loved their mac and cheese and the sausage was pretty great, too.  After lunch, we dropped Mike and Jason off at Bare Arms, a newer brewery and bar, so we could get our shop on.   


Our first stop was to Harp Design Company, which had some cute decor, but we were a little disappointed that they didn't have much furniture.  Next door, we saw the house that Chip and Joanna had fixed up for the Harp family.  From there, we headed to Junky Monkey, Junque in the Trunque and a few other antique stores.  It was fun to get some ideas and a little scary to see things from my parents' basement in a few of the stores.  Next, we picked up the boys at Bare Arms and headed over to the Spice Village for more shopping.  The boys went to Cricket's for cocktails, while we shopped.  Spice Village was a little overwhelming with the amount of stuff that was housed in a space.  There were definitely gifts for everyone and I will have to keep that in mind when thinking about holiday gifts.  


We decided to eat dinner at Crickets because 1/2 of us were tired and 1/2 of us were feeling silly.  This picture was on the wall by our booth and created much dinner discussion.  We had another really fun day and called it an early evening, knowing that some of us had a long drive the next day.