Wacky Waco Weekend: Part 1

A few months ago, our friends invited us for a Waco Weekend.  We were excited as we'd never been there, it was a great excuse to get out of town, and we always have adventures when we are together.  Mike and I prepared for part of the trip by watching Fixer Upper on Netflix, so we knew what the hype was all about.  We all counted the weeks down until our trip was finally here!  We only had a short 1.5 hour drive, but our friends were traveling a bit further so they let us know when they were on their way and we left a few hours later.  Since we are all beer and coffee enthusiasts, Mike and I stopped by Redhorn to pick up some beer and coffee to share.  I also ordered a latte to pump myself up for the drive and Mike enjoyed a brew so he would be calm to deal with me.  😀 Other than a little bit of traffic from Round Rock to Georgetown, our trip was fairly easy.  There was also a bit of construction, but we made great time.  As luck would have it, we all arrived at the same time.  We got checked into our suite (we are close friends!).  We unloaded the cars, shared some beer (they brought us Schlafly Pumpkin Ale and Yuenling!), and checked out Ashley and Jason's lists for the weekend.   


Our first stop was Twisted Root for dinner.  It was a funky little restaurant known for burgers and root beer.  They had lots of cool specialty burgers and some wild choices of meat.  The burger I picked had cheese, delicious ranch, and homemade potato chips. Mike and I split some fries that had bacon, cheese, jalapeños, and ranch for dipping.  All the food was amazing and from the root beer fans, I heard the root beer was great, too.  The ordering system was cute too, where each guest received the name of a celebrity or character to get their orders.  Quite fittingly, our order was under Mary Poppins.  The food was awesome, it was a cool atmosphere, and best of all, there is an Austin location!  We will definitely try this place again. 


Our next stop was Cricket's, a bar and grill.  Here we ordered beers, snacks and a little dessert.  We were excited to catch up and plan for our next day's adventures.