Wacky Waco Weekend: Part 3

The final day of our trip allowed us to sleep in a little bit before we headed to the Olive Branch Bakery and Cafe for brunch.  It was a really cute little place located near the Spice Market and Crickets.  Mike, Jason, and I were thrilled to get started on the unlimited coffee.  We lucked out that they had several different varieties, so we took turns trying them.  However, we all agreed that the best was the 254 blend.  


It took a bit for our food to arrive, but it was worth the wait.  I opted for the chocolate chip stuffed french toast, which had a creamy bread pudding vibe to it.  It was quite delicious.  Mike went with chocolate chip pancakes, which also had hints of orange essence.  They were amazing and rivaled our favorite Kerbey Lane pancakes.  Jason and Ashley each ordered omelets and enjoyed them as well. 


After brunch, it was time to head home.  As always, we had a wonderful adventure with our friends and we are looking forward to planning our next trip together.  In addition, we had a wonderful weekend in Waco and look forward to taking any guests to go visit.