Pin a Day: Bacon Pesto Mac and Cheese

Are you tired of the same old side dishes?  Me too.  I try lots of recipes for main courses, but I seem to get stuck when it comes to sides.  On Monday, I was having steak and green beans and I needed another side item.  Typically, I would serve a baked potato, noodles, or rice.  Tonight, I decided to give a try at Bacon Pesto Mac and Cheese.   I knew I had my work cut out for me convincing Mike that this recipe could beat his favorite boxed mac and cheese.  I also knew it would be a bit more time consuming, but I was hoping that it would be worth it.  First, I cooked the macaroni noodles and set them aside.  Next, I started on the roux of butter, flour, and milk.  Once the roux was done, I stirred in both cheddar and mozzerella cheeses until they were melted.  I pour the cheese sauce on the macaroni, stirred in the bacon, and pesto.  We were ready to serve.  It was quite good and both of us went back for seconds.  I liked the addition of pesto and bacon to make the dish a little bit more grown up.  Mike liked it too, but I'm still not sure it beats boxed mac and cheese for him.  This dish could also be a main course by adding some grilled chicken to the top.