Pin a Day: Lunch Lady Brownies

'Twas a few weeks before Christmas and the schedule was busy.  The associates were crabby and chocolate was a necessity.  I thought about making my mom's famous fudge, but I didn't feel like standing and stirring.  I opted to try a new recipe for Lunch Lady Brownies.   I love brownies with chocolate frosting and this sounded like a great recipe choice.  The brownies were super easy- I may never use a box again!  First, I creamed together the sugar and butter.  Next, I added the eggs one at a time.  Then, I added the vanilla and finally the flour and cocoa.  I cooked them about 20 minutes at 350.


 While the brownies were cooling, I mixed up the frosting.  I put all the ingredients in the stand mixer and let it mix until it hit the right consistency.  I frosted them when cool and cut them right before I left for work.  These were yummy and easy to make.  Also, the chocolate was just what we all needed while dealing with crabby people.  These brownies were the perfect choice for a stressful time!