Pour Some Sugar Fire on Me

St. Louis friends, this post is for you!  During my recent visit to St. Louis, I heard a lot about a new BBQ place called Sugarfire Smoke House.  This Texas resident has gotten pretty particular when it comes to BBQ, but it got some good recommendations from some picky people, so I new I had to try it.  After a long day of shopping, my mom and I stopped by Sugarfire to pick up dinner to go.  We visited the location in Winghaven in O'Fallon, but there are 2 other locations as well.  It must have been obvious when we went in that we didn't know what we wanted so the meat cutter gave us several samples to try.  We ended up selecting turkey, brisket, and pork.  For sides, we ordered potato salad, beans, and southwest rice.  We topped it off with smoked chocolate chip cookies and ice tea to go.  It smelled so good on the drive home so I was excited to eat when we got home.  Another amazing part of the meal was the various different sauces we had to choose from.  (St. Louis Sweet, Carolina BBQ, Texas Spicy, Coffee, White BBQ, Sugarfire)  My favorites were the Carolina, which was mustardy, the Coffee, the White BBQ, which had horseradish and was very unique, and the Texas Spicy, which was not spicy by Texas standards.  The meats were amazing and each sauce paired well with different meats.  I also loved the sides.  The rice had a little kick to it and the beans had several different types of beans so it was more like a baked bean medley.  The smoked cookie was a great way to end the meal with the smoked sea salt.  This was a great meal and with the different sauces, it could give Texas BBQ a run for its money.  This will definitely become one of my St. Louis must visit stops and I highly recommend that everyone in St. Louis try it!