A Pin A Day: Easy Dark Chocolate Truffles

Sometimes, we have what are known as Pinterest fails.  These Easy Dark Chocolate Truffles were a fail for me.  It started easy enough with me trying to make something delicious.  I should have realized something was wrong when my carton of heavy cream started leaking all over my groceries, but I carried on.  I followed the directions completely when making the chocolate ganache and made sure to chill it over night.  After dinner the next day, I gathered all my supplies to make the truffles.  I made a huge mess with cocoa powder, which should have been my second warning.  I tried scooping the chocolate with the melon baller to make the truffles and I couldn't do it.  It was a misshapen chocolately mess.  I tried numerous times with increasing frustration and more chocolate on my hands.  I tried scooping and then chilling again before rolling in cocoa or crushed pretzels, but nothing seemed to work.  The truffles were great, but the frustration level was not worth it.  I will be searching for a new recipe next time I decide to make truffles.