We're Super, Thanks for Asking

On Wednesday, we had to get up earlier to go to an appointment for Mike.  Cecil had lovingly wakened us up numerous times over night so we were really tired and didn't even grab a coffee before heading out the door.  As I was driving, I noticed a sign for Super Donuts and promised Mike we'd stop there on the way home.  It was a small shop in a strip mall and in fact, we almost missed it.  They had all the Texas breakfast staples: donuts, kolaches, and breakfast tacos.  We showed restraint and order 2 donuts each and were on our way.  Mike ordered two chocolate frosted cake donuts and was happy with his choice.  I loved my donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles.  My other donut was a chocolate cream filled and it was pretty good too.  The shop was not too far from our house so chances are that we will be back.  However, I must say, I am counting down to Easter when I can have an Old Town Donut from home.