A Pin a Day: Happy Birthday Mom!

Last weekend, we traveled home to St. Louis to visit our families for Easter and my mom's birthday.  Its no fun to have to make your own birthday desserts, so I told my mom I'd make her desserts, she just had to decide what she wanted.  She chose an orange cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting.  This is a little atypical for my mom because she loves chocolate.  I also have a husband and cousin, who really believe its not dessert if its not chocolate.  So, I decided I would make something chocolate as well.  I opted for a chocolate bundt cake with chocolate glaze.  I woke up at a reasonable hour (thanks to Lucy) and began working.  First I made the bundt cake, using a recipe from Kiss My Bundt by Chyrsta Wilson.  It was fairly easy to make and my mom greased/applied cocoa to the pan ahead of time to make sure it would come out easily.  I did miss my stand mixer while baking, but the handmixer worked well too.  As, I was baking the bundt cake, I started the orange cake.  My mom had picked up a cake mix for the orange cake so that was very easy.  I opted for a 9x13 because I don't really have the patience for a layer cake.  We pulled the bundt cake out and inverted it immediately, hoping it would come out easily.  Next, I worked on the glaze for the chocolate cake.  I got it from the same book as the cake.  The glaze was easy to make and a little bit different for me.  I have never made a glaze with corn syrup in it before.  Once the cake was out of the pan and cooled (Thanks Mom!), I added the glaze.  The glaze was pretty runny, but I knew it would taste great.  Finally, I made the white chocolate buttercream frosting.  I opted to melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave vs. using the double boiler method.  The frosting was fluffy and delicious.  I was a little worried that it might melt so I popped the frosted cake in the fridge until it was ready to be served.  Both cakes were a hit!  Chocolate was great for the chocolate lovers and the orange cake was very refreshing.  Best of all there was plenty leftover for my breakfast before I flew out Tuesday morning!  The only change I might make was to pull the cake out of the fridge to let the frosting warm up a little bit before serving.  However, I had a few people who were a little anxious to eat the cake so it worked.