Wokka, Wokka, Wokka

This post goes out to my St. Louis friends as a recommendation for a great place to try.  When we visited St. Louis for Easter, we were able to do some exploring as Mike's parents have moved to a home in a different neighborhood.  As you know, this means we need to taste the various new food options available.  I was very impressed by the fancy Dierbergs right by their house, as I am a grocery snob, and try as I might, I do not enjoy Texas grocery stores.  Most of our meals were eaten with family at the various homes, but on Monday we decided to venture out to a new place recommended by Mike's brother.  We headed to Fozzie's Sandwich Shop on Manchester.  Mike and I prescreened the menu so we had an idea of what we might want, but there was also a daily special menu that threw one of us for a loop.  I loved everything about Fozzie's!  There was a huge variety of things to eat including sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, and shakes.  The atmosphere was cool and I loved the bright green walls.  I knew exactly what I wanted, which made ordering easy for me and Mike thought he knew what he wanted, but changed his mind when I spotted a delicious special for him.  I ordered the pretzel, which was ham, pepperjack cheese, and honey mustard on a pretzel bun.  It was so yummy!  The only thing that could make it more perfect would be turkey instead of ham.  I also tried their homemade potato chips, which were quite good as well.  Mike went in wanting a philly cheese steak, but ended up ordering the screaming bird.  It was a buffalo chicken sandwich with blue cheese and jalapenos on a pretzel bun.  Mike really loved his sandwich, but it was a huge mess.  There was buffalo sauce everywhere!  I was so proud of him for not getting it all over himself.  :) My inlaws got a French dip and chili dog, both of which were very good and offered huge portion sizes.  We were all happy with our lunch choice and we look forward to going back to try out even more delicious items!