A Pin a Day: Sassy Tailgate Sandwiches

Recently, I have been cooking a lot more, with quite a bit of success and last Friday's recipe was no different.  I tried these Sassy Tailgate Sandwiches.  I thought they were a crock pot recipe on first glance, but realized later just how easy this recipe would be.  While Mike was napping, I took care of the whole thing.  My one substitution was using Havarti cheese instead of Gruyere, simply because Target doesn't carry Gruyere.  The sandwiches were easy to put together- I sliced the rolls, added the ham and cheese and spread on the cream cheese.  I really loved the cream cheese with onion and chives and it has made a great dip since I used it for the recipe.  After I drizzled the marinade on the sandwiches, I impatiently waited for 20 minutes until they were ready to bake.  While they were baking, I got some baked beans and salad ready and we had a great meal when they were done.  The sandwiches were delicious.  The buttery marinade made them soft and brought out some great flavor.  They were even great as leftovers, which is always a plus in my book.  While the ham was great, I can see trying several different meat and cheese combinations with this basic idea.