A Pin a Day: Garlic Chicken

Last week, we added a new challenge to cooking at our home.  We can no longer use our microwave!  There was a minor incident where something caught fire and now it smokes when we use it, so until its fixed, its all old school cooking!  This was a not a challenge with Wednesday's recipe Garlic Chicken.  This was an easy recipe and all the ingredients were things I typically have on hand, so I have a feeling it will join our list of regular favorites.  Heating the garlic in the olive oil made my kitchen smell great and definitely got Cecil's attention.  This is even a recipe that Mike could do as its a breaded chicken that doesn't include using an egg to coat the chicken.  (He's not a fan of cracking eggs!)  I served the chicken with rice and salad.  It was really good and Mike loved it.  It was also pretty simple and heated up nicely the next day.  I look forward to eating this one again!