Behind Bars

After a long day of shopping and some delicious food on Saturday, I still wasn't ready to head home yet.  So we went to Camille's Hand dipped Ice Cream Bars.  I had seen it several times when shopping in Wolf Ranch, but this was the first time I had a chance to try it.  It was not crowded so I decided to tell the girl working it was my first time, so I would get the full introduction.  We basically got to select a bar-mostly made of frozen yogurt, but some nondairy, pick our dip (milk or dark chocolate), and then your topping.  I selected Red Velvet (surprise, I know), dark chocolate (of course!), and for a bit of salt- crushed pretzels.  Mike selected a mint bar with dark chocolate and went topping free.  They were really good.  I feel like you can't ever go wrong with ice cream and it was a little bit better than fro yo, in that it was more portion controlled.  I loved my flavor combinations and the options for all kinds of different treats.  Mike liked his too and again was glad we didn't overeat.  This was a great treat and definitely an interesting concept.