Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Casa Ole

This past weekend was a break from the unseasonably cold weather we've been experiencing in Texas lately.  So, I decided that we needed to leave the house for a bit.  We debated on where to go and what to do and settled on Wolf Ranch Shopping Center in Georgetown as it had stores we both could enjoy and plenty of places to eat.  Our shopping trip yielded a few things for us- pillows, Valentine's gift, socks, and booze.  We shopped and walked for several hours and decided it was time to eat.  We headed to Casa Ole, a Tex-Mex place where we've eaten once before.  We remembered they had good food and we could get a lot of food for a decent price.  Everyone was super friendly as we walked in and both the manager and waitress recommended that we try the margaritas made with Avion tequila.  We ordered strawberry Avion margaritas (frozen for me and on the rocks for Mike) and were very pleased.  The tequila was smooth and strong.  We opted for the 3 for $18.99 deal that they were having and got an appetizer and 2 entrees.  We selected the Enchilada (me) and Chimichanga (Mike).  Since both were covered in queso, we opted for spinach dip for our appetizer.  When it came out, we thought our order was incorrect.  It looked like a bowl of queso, but much to our surprise, there was queso on top of the spinach dip.  It also had a huge dollop of sour cream in between the queso and spinach dip.  I liked it okay, but Mike was not very impressed.  Our meals were delicious!  My enchiladas reminded me of my favorite Oakville spot Las Fuentes.  The only big difference was that this enchilada was huge and included beans.  Mike also enjoyed his chimichanga, which he found to be the perfect size.  Another fun part of our trip was running into my friend, Keri, while we were out to eat.  Its nice to finally know people here and even see them once in a while.  We had a great day out and a yummy dinner, which made for a fabulous day!