A Pin A Day-Crock Pot Pulled Pork

On Friday, I decided to have a shopping day and knew I wanted a meal that I could prepare ahead of time and then just easily pull dinner together.  I opted for the easy crock pot pulled pork recipe.  Pulled Pork Recipe The recipe made a lot more pork than I knew Mike and I could eat alone, so I used half the amount of pork, but followed the sauce recipe.  I also couldn't find pork riblets, so I just used a boneless pork rib pieces.  I cut up the pieces of pork, added my sauce ingredients, and turned the crock pot on low for 4 hours while I went shopping.  In addition, I made some pasta salad ahead of time by boiling a box of pasta, adding some cut up broccoli and carrots, covering with Italian dressing, and allowing it to chill in the fridge.  When I came home from shopping, I removed my pork pieces, shredded them, and put them back in the crock pot while I got the rest of dinner ready.  I cubed some colby jack cheese to put in the pasta salad and made a green salad.  It was finally time for dinner.  The pork was excellent.  It had great flavor and really was super easy to make.  I love any chance to use my crock pot and it did not disappoint.  It was also the perfect amount with plenty for dinner and some leftovers, but not too much.  I will definitely be adding this recipe to my favorites.