Burger Battle 3: Opal Divines vs. Flippin Burgers and the FINAL WINNER

[image: Inline image 1]Sometimes you just don't feel like cooking and when that happens, its great to have an old stand by place to go. For us, that is often Opal Divine's. It's close, it's reasonable, it's quick and it has great beer! I think Mike was over my burger challenge, so he didn't order a burger, but I did. I have tried many things at Opals, but this was my first burger. I ordered a basic burger, which was good sized, juicy and delicious. The other thing that made my burger so good was the fabulous side of macaroni and cheese. Opal Divine's has some of the best mac and cheese in Austin, so I was happy to eat here. Our last burger visit was to a new place. We were house hunting and wanted to try a burger in an area we liked. We tried Flippin Burgers in Cedar Park. It was a small place in a strip mall. They had very basic burgers along with fries and tots. We both ordered cheeseburgers and tots and were not disappointed. The portions were great and the food was amazing. We left very full and satisfied. While the burger at Opal Divines was good, I'm going to give the win to Flippin Burgers because it was obvious that they had perfected the burger. For the final winner, I am going to have to award it to Mighty Fine. Normally, I don't love chains, but their burgers were the juiciest available with quick and friendly service. Our burger month was a success, we got to try some old favorites and introduced some new choices as well. Tune in soon for March's Taco Throwdowns!