Happy Birthday Mr. Timberlake!

Well, hello there! Its been a bit, but I'm back. I have more free time to go out and blog and I'm excited to be back. The blog may take a bit of a new direction as well with not only restaurant and venue reviews, but also my experiments with the world of Pinterest. Seriously, I've got all kinds of free time and I am determined to use it well. We also can finally start to explore more in our new neighborhood. This past Friday was Justin Timberlake's birthday (thanks to my sister for letting me know) and it was time for us to hit up a new place to eat. We decided to go to JT's (probably not named after Mr. Timberlake, but who knows?) Bar and Grill, which is located next to one of our favorite Thai places. Normally, this place is hopping on a Friday night so we wanted to make sure we were able to get in. We sat down right away ordered a couple of Fireman's 4 beers and started to look at the menu. The atmosphere was that of a typical bar and grill and reminded me of a place I used to frequent with former coworkers in Fenton. It may have also been the scent of wings that was abundant in the air. We ended up going with that vibe and ordered fried mac and cheese, a buffalo wrap, and a buffalo burger. The mac and cheese were good, but not the best I've ever had. Our main courses were better, but we both made the same comment, "Its just not buffalo-y enough." Overall, the food was good, the beer was good, and the atmosphere was welcoming. We may return and try something else.