Burger Battle 2: Red Robin vs. Homefield Grill

It was a long Sunday at work and all I wanted to do was go meet up with Mike for a visit to a new burger joint. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. I ended up spending 2 hours on the highway trying to get home and we didn't get to visit a new place. I still wanted a burger so we hit up Red Robin for a quick meal. I needed a cocktail after my stressful drive and it tasted great! We also ordered the pretzel bites, which tasted delicious after not eating for quite some time. I ordered the Southwest Burger, a favorite of mine with guacamole and bacon. Mike had a BBQ style burger that was good too. After a long day, the chain definitely did not disappoint us. I know that I can always count on Red Robin to provide a juicy burger quickly. The following weekend we hit up Nolan Ryan's Homefield Grill. Mike had gone here for the Super Bowl and commented on how good the food was, so I decided to try it out. We found out that Sundays were burger days so there were several burger and beer combinations to try. I ordered the basic Bubba burger which ended up being quite tasty. Mike ordered the Homer Simpson burger, which was a traditional burger served on a donut as the bun. While it sounded strange, Mike's burger was quite yummy, too. I definitely want to head back to Homefield Grill and try more of their unique items and enjoy a beer or two. In the battle of Red Robin vs. Homefield Grill, I am going to award the win to HomefieldGrill. I feel that they stepped it up a notch with some creative burgers and a fun atmosphere.