Burger Battle 1: Moonies vs. Mighty Fine

In February, we kicked off a new restaurant eating adventure. We decided to choose one type of food to concentrate on and find the absolute best. We did one type for home (Asian) and one food for eating out (burgers). We compared some new and some old favorites, in order to choose the best burger possible. I had hoped to make it to some more exotic locations, but life happens and things don't work out as planned. I feel like I got to taste some good burgers and have a good feel for what I like. Our first location was Moonie's Burger House. There are several locations in Austin and we typically visit the one in Pflugerville. I ordered the Southwestern Burger with guacamole and pepper jack cheese and Mike had the Buffalo Burger. These are some of our favorites so we were really excited. It was fairly crowded that night at Moonie's and our food took a really long time to get to us. When we looked at our burgers, Mike's bun was pretty burnt. It definitely looked like it had been forgotten or sat around and waited until my burger had been completed. My burger was great, but it was definitely a disappointment that Mike's burger was not tasty. We expected more of Moonie's. Our next trip was to Mighty Fine Burgers in Round Rock, near the outlet mall. Mighty Fine is another chain in Austin that is quite similar to Five Guys. Mighty Fine has a small menu and offers mostly basic burgers, however, they do a great job. I was very pleased with my burger and fries, especially in comparison to our most recent burger experience. We were able to eat quickly and our burgers were perfect. So, in burger battle number one, the obvious winner was Mighty Fine Burgers.