Wok-a, Wok-a

Easter Monday was a grocery shopping day for us.  We had next to nothing in the house to eat, so we decided to head to HEB (huge mistake) and find a place nearby to eat.  Driving around, we opted for Golden Wok, as we like Asian food and had not been there before.  Upon arrival I was a little nervous as there were very few people inside.  While it never got crowded, my fears subsided after eating.  It reminded me a little of PF Changs without the crowds and with lower prices.  I ended up ordering orange chicken and Mike got the General Tso's chicken.  Both dishes were good, but not really as spicy as we would have liked.  The portion sizes were big-I couldn't finish mine, which benefited Mike, as he was really hungry that day.  It wasn't the best Asian food I've had, but certainly not bad.  I will probably try it again if I'm in the area and want an easy meal.