Serrano's Sunday

Back in January, I was still working a lot and I was really tired.  Many chances that Mike and I had to spend together, we did relaxing things like sleep in or go out to eat on weekends off.  On one such Sunday, we headed out to a Mexican restaurant named Serrano's at the nearby La Frontera shopping center.  We were able to be seated right away after only a little bit of accosting by some adventurous Girl Scouts.  It definitely had the feel of a small, family owned place.  It was not crowded and the old speakers played traditional music.  After perusing the menu, we opted for queso as an appetizer. It was a typical yellow cheese queso and was quite tasty.  For our main course, I thought I was ordering fajita tacos, but the waiter thought I wanted fajitas.  Mike selected the fish tacos.    My dish was huge and there was plenty left for leftovers for the next day.  The food was pretty good and I was quite full.  It was nice enough for a quick Sunday dinner, but not necessarily one of my favorite places I've tried so far.  However, they were really nice and saved Mike's debit card when he left it there that night.  Overall, our experience was good, but there are plenty of Mexican places that we have yet to try before repeating this one again.