Capitol City

My parents came to visit in January and it was a little bit of a challenge to come up with some new and exciting places to visit.  Finally, we opted for a place that was new to us as well- the state capitol building.  We drove downtown with only a bit of directional challenge and were able to walk around the beautiful capitol grounds, museum and building.  The building and grounds were really beautiful and had it been just a smidge warmer, I would have enjoyed just hanging out on the lawn.  We did a tour of the capitol building and learned some interesting history about the building and Texas legislation.  After the trip to the capitol, we decided to go to another nearby Austin monument- the Whole Foods Flagship store.  It was definitely uniquely Austin with its very own parking garage.  It was amazing to see the various food types, wine tasting on site, and all the mini restaurants inside.  We enjoyed some gelato and relaxed on the patio right outside the store.  It was ridiculously crowded though and there was no way I could do my regular grocery shopping at this location.  We really enjoyed my parents' visit and exploring some new territory with them.