I Scream for Fro Yo

Ice cream is amazing.  I consider it a staple of my daily diet.  In the past few years, thanks to my sister, I have also discovered a love for fro yo.  We've recently discovered Fresh Cup, a fro yo store within minutes from our apartment.  I love the variety of flavors, the bright colors, and the close distance to home.  Its also nice that while tasting great, many of the flavors are low fat or fat free.  There is a large selection of flavors and toppings available to make even the pickiest customer satisfied.  This Saturday's treat included red velvet, s'mores and heath.  I love that the s'mores and heath have all the flavors of the real thing without any chunks, a fact which is perplexing to my husband.  I like the fro yo there so much that I don't use any toppings on mine.  Fro yo can get expensive though, its 39 cents an ounce and its way too tempting to fill the whole cup.