"I Ordered the Club Sandwich, but I'm Not Even a Member"

I love sandwiches and my husband loves philly cheesesteaks.  Its a match made in heaven.  He has really been mourning the loss of Penn Station because he has not found a philly cheesesteak with enough flavor to suit him.  Finally, last week that all changed.  He went to Jersey Mike's with his coworkers and was way impressed.  He texts me everyday about what yummy things he eats for lunch.  I always get jealous of a sandwich place.  So, I had been thinking about it all week.  On Sunday, I woke him up and said I want a sandwich!  We went to Jersey Mike's.  It was a really small place with tons of sandwich options.  They had hot and cold subs, chips, cookies, and soda-all standard sub shop fixings.  We both opted for Philly Cheesteaks-his was the spicy version and I went with the traditional.  They were awesome!  The cheese was perfectly melted, onions and peppers added great flavor, and the meat was well seasoned, too.  I can't wait to try more of their amazing sandwiches!