Hey Ho

It was Friday night and time to try a new place to eat.  We've eaten tons of Tex Mex and a fair amount of BBQ, so I was looking for something new and interesting.  We definitely found it at HoHo Chinese BBQ.  One of my personal mantras is "I don't eat my friends from the sea."  As soon as I walked in, I saw some of my friends from the sea, alive and swimming in tanks.  Poor guys, didn't know what was about to hit them.  On the other side of the entrance, there were roasted ducks hanging up.  I was a little nervous once I saw the creatures out in the open.  We sat down and were given Diet Coke in cans as we ordered.  I chose the Orange Chicken, which I know is a safety item, but a favorite in my book.  My husband got the BBQ Pork and noodles.  I made the correct choice.  The chicken had great flavor with a little bit of Texas kick to it.  I don't like plain white rice, which was what they served it with so I tried some soy sauce-too salty (I buy the reduced sodium at home) and then I saw some sort of seasoned sauce on the table.  I put a fair amount of that on my rice, hoping to give it some flavor.  After the first bite, I thought, "Not bad."  With the second bite, I was beginning to feel the heat.  Then, my mouth was on fire!  No amount of Diet Coke was relieving my pain.  I ordered water-no luck.  Finally, they brought our bill, along with fortune cookies and orange wedges.  Now readers, we may remember that I do not like most fruit, but I was desperate.  I ate 2 orange slices and finally the spice was knocked out.  My husband's meal was far less exciting.  There wasn't very much pork and it wasn't really seasoned at all.  Have I learned my lesson?  I'd love to say yes, but I will probably eat something way too spicy again.  Hopefully next time, I will order water ahead of time.