Everything Will be Alright When We Go Shopping

I've been dying to go to an indoor mall here in Austin.  So far, my trips have been to Round Rock Outlets, the Arboretum, the Domain, Gateway Market and early on San Marcos Outlets, but they've all been outdoors.  More often than not, I either end up sunburned, sweating, or both.  This does not make an ideal shopping experience, hence, I have not purchased many new clothes while in Austin.  I really needed to get to a Sephora and hadn't found one yet.  After searching online, I found one at Barton Creek Mall.  The mall was not really close to our apartment, so I saved it for a weekend adventure.  We drove up and it was huge!  In one of the lots, they were also having a farmer's market, so it was a little bit crowded.  It had a definite vibe of Chesterfield Mall from home, so I loved it right away.  Barton Creek had every store I wanted and more.  My husband was a fan of the Lego store.  I was excited to see a Lamme's Candies, which I think will be a great substitute to ChocolateChocolateChocolate for my Valentine's treats.  In addition, I know my sister will be excited to hear that they have a Glamour Shots.  I'm thinking we could have fun with that when she visits.  In addition, there was a movie theater and nice food court to please all shoppers.  While it wasn't close to home, I am sure that I will be back.  We also hit the Room Store and Fry's on our way home.  The Room Store was nice, but they didn't really have what we were looking for (mattresses) at the right price.  Fry's was insane.  It was a giant technology nerd store, so my husband was in heaven.  Sadly, we didn't find what we were looking for (an HDMI switch) so I thought the trip was pointless, but I may have been tired and crabby too.  Shopping day 1 was not a huge success, I came home with makeup remover, but I was happy to have gone shopping without sweating.