What you tacoing about?

Austin is full of great Tex Mex and BBQ and its our goal to try as many of each as possible.  About a month ago, we got to try a different taco place.  Velvet Taco is located at the Domain in the Rock Rose.  Mike had tried it once before for a work lunch and it was my turn to give it a try.  There were several unique taco combinations, chicken options, and red velvet cake.  I knew that I would probably get another snack at some point, so I opted for the Buffalo Chicken Taco.  Mike ordered the Buffalo Chicken Taco and the Chicken Tikka Masala Taco.  Both tacos were delicious and very accurate in their flavor profile.  There were several categories of tacos, each with several choices, including: chicken vegetarian, pork, beef, and fish.  I look forward to returning again and trying other tacos...and some red velvet cake!