Friday Fun with Friends

On Fridays, we host our friends for some nerd fun.  I love hosting things, so its my way of getting to try out new recipes on willing samplers.  This week I tried a new dessert and a new dinner item.  I planned ahead and made this Funfetti Sheet Cake on Thursday night,  because I had a busy Friday.  I love a sheet cake and funfetti is always a happy way to end a week.  After preheating the oven and preparing my pan, I creamed the butter with my trusty stand mixer.  I added in the sugar, vanilla, and eggs, mixing between each ingredient.  Finally,  I mixed in the yogurt, the last of my wet ingredients.  I mixed the dry ingredients together and alternated adding the dry ingredients and milk, stirring between each.  After my batter was nice and fluffy, I folded in the sprinkles.  I poured the cake into my jelly roll pan and baked the cake for about 20 minutes.  While the cake was baking, I mixed the frosting.  I creamed the butter and added in milk, vanilla, salt and powdered sugar, mixing until the consistency was right.  I covered the frosting and placed it in the fridge overnight.  I tightly wrapped the cake after it cooled.  On Friday, I let the frosting warm up to room temperature and gently spread it on the cake, garnishing with more sprinkles.  The results were a moist, fluffy, sweet cake that paired nicely with our savory snacks and beer.  It has also paired nicely with milk or coffee as a delightful breakfast treat.


Our Friday fun started at 6:30 pm, so I wanted to be sure that I served dinner.  It’s getting hot here, so a crockpot meal was a must.  I decided to try these Beer Cheese Chicken Sliders.  The key was making sure that I had pretzel buns.  I think I bought all the sliders and buns that my Target had, but I wanted to make sure I had plenty for my crowd.  I started the chicken early on Friday.  I put about 3 lbs of chicken in the crockpot, along with salt, pepper, minced garlic, and beer.  I selected Whitestone’s Long Gone Blonde, because I think that a blonde brings good flavor for marinades and beer cheeses.  I cooked the chicken in the crockpot on low all day.  About an hour before my guests arrived, I pulled out the chicken and shredded it with my Bear Claws.  I put the chicken back in at low to absorb more of the beer and seasonings.  Right before my guests arrived, I made the beer cheese sauce.  This beer cheese was different from my normal beer cheese dip, but it still was tasty.  I started by melting butter and then adding the flour to form a roux.  I added in the beer and milk and let it thicken a bit.  Finally, I added the cheese in by handfuls, stirring until it was completely melted.  We served the chicken on pretzel buns with beer cheese sauce on top.  I added a little bit of Dijon mustard too, for an added tanginess.  I really liked this meal.  The chicken had great flavor from the beer and garlic.  The beer cheese was thick and creamy.  This was a great meal for us to eat and play and not have to worry about it getting cold.  The leftovers were great too and I repurposed the chicken and cheese to beer cheese nachos, which were also yummy.  Once again, we had fun times and great food.  I can’t wait to see what I find for our next event.