Dream Dinners: Chateau Chicken with Almond Butter Sauce

It’s been a little bit since I’ve caught up on blogging and I had a spare moment while visiting my family, so I thought I would take a minute to share about a favorite meal.  Recently, I made Chateau Chicken with Almond Butter Sauce and  Roasted Cauliflower.  I started by sautéing almonds in pan for about 5 minutes.  Next, I coated my chicken in the flour mix and browned the chicken breasts for about 5-6 minutes on each side, removing them from the pan when done.  I added in the wine and scraped the brown bits fro the bottom of the pan.  I simmered until the wine thickened.  Once I removed it from the heat, I added in butter and green onions.  I drizzled the sauce over the chicken and topped with almonds.  While the chicken was cooking, in a separate pan, I also made the Roasted Cauliflower, which is favorite in our house.  This chicken was amazing.  It was perfectly cooked, being crusty on the outside and tender inside.  The sauce was amazing with white wine, lemon and butter.  I was definitely a little sad that I didn’t make more than one of these meals.  I can’t wait for this recipe to pop up on the menu again.