Coffee for you and Coffee for me

Lately, I have been doing some networking with my new position.  Most networking has occurred in group settings with lunches and lots of people.  It’s been informative, but a little overwhelming for someone who is not from a business background.  I will talk to anyone, but I am working on learning the right things to say to interest people in my business and our big upcoming event.  I had my first one on one meeting the other day at Joel’s Coffee Shop, which was a new location for me.  It was a really cute shop located in a strip mall that would easily be missed (I did miss it the first time I drove by).  However, the inside is what really matters.  The barista was a cool, Austin guy who seemed pretty chill at 10:30 am.  The overall vibe was warm and welcoming and it wasn’t very crowded, which allowed for a great place to meet and talk.  The menu was nicely done in chalk and each suggestion sounded better than the next.  In the end, I opted for “Come and Take It” featuring cinnamon and caramel.  It was a great choice with two of my favorite ingredients, I knew I couldn’t go wrong.  It was served with a foam heart, which was pretty cute.  I loved the vibe, the coffee, and my meeting felt like a success.  I got some great tips, shared more about my business, and hopefully will be forming a great partnership.  I will definitely be hitting up Joel’s Coffee next time I need my fix in that area.