Dream Dinners: Cubano Chicken with Black Beans and Rice

I am trying to quickly finish up my April Dream Dinners meals as I get ready to make my May meals this week.  We got to try another new meal the other night, Cubano Chicken with Black Beans and Rice.  I started by making the rice.  Next, I heated up my grill pan on the stove top.  After the rice had cooked, I added in the black beans and cooked the bean and rice mixture for 10 more minutes.  Meanwhile, I grillled the chicken and orange quarters for 5 minutes on each side, until the chicken was cooked and the oranges were charred and juicy.  We served the chicken with the beans and rice with squeezed orange juice on top.  I really liked this meal.  It was simple, different and flavorful.  The charred oranges brought great flavor to the chicken and rice.  This meal would be great as a salad, wrap or nachos.  I hope this meal shows up on the menu again because Iā€™d love to make it again.